Corporate Profile


Founded in 1987, Corporate Property Group, Inc., develops, manages and sells retail property throughout the southeastern United States. CPG focuses on freestanding retail projects, junior box retail development and shadow anchored strip centers. CPG’s projects are located within neighborhood, community and regional trade areas. Much of their business is through multi-store development programs for an ever-growing list of repeat retail clientele.

CPG is a full service commercial real estate services business specializing in retail property. The firm brings its expertise into the acquisition, development, finance and sale of retail property. These many years of experience in the general commercial real estate arena provide a strong foundation in leasing, property management operations and investment real estate sales. These skills come to bear in executing retail projects.

Responsiveness, Integrity and Flexibility are the guiding principles at CPG.

Responsiveness is achieved by concentrating the critical decisions for each project in a single individual. CPG has an experienced support team of employees and consultants in the areas of engineering, marketing, finance, legal and project administration, with a complete understanding that speed is one of their main competitive advantages.

Integrity should speak for itself. It does just that at CPG. As a result, repeat and referral business from retailers and brokers has become the standard for CPG.

Flexibility is the lifeblood of small firms. Every project and every retail client is distinct. Therefore, CPG quickly adapts to the unique nature of their client’s expansion programs and to the specific nuances of each project.